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Brigadier Nanda Hathurusinghe appointed International Technical Officer at Asian Games

By Shamseer Jaleel of Daily FT (Thursday, 17 August 2023 00:10)

Source: Daily FT - 2023-08-20

Brigadier Nanda Hathurusinghe

Brigadier Nanda Hathurusinghe was appointed as an International Technical Official (ITO) representing Sri Lanka at the 19th Asian Games Golf competition which will take place next month in China.

Nanda started off his golfing official career while serving as the Chairman of Army Golf Administration from 2014 onwards. He put in a lot of effort and under his guidance Diyatalawa course hosted the annual Highlanders Cup. He was later hired by Nuwara Eliya Golf Club (NEGC) as the General Manager, a position traditionally referred to as the Secretary. He has done a yeoman service for the upliftment of the sport in the Hill Country though it was considered as a rich man’s sport he supported the local junior lads to take up in to golf providing clubs and course given at a very low rate for their training sessions plus allocating days for this.

Nanda completed level 1 and 2 rules seminar examinations under R and A guidance establishing a foundation for his subsequent achievement in the Tournament Administrators and Referee’s Course which he successfully undertook following R and A protocols. He later secured the esteemed R and A Rules certification after conquering both theory and practical examinations at a seminar in Vietnam in 2019.

He is also the Chairman of the Rules Committee under the Sri Lanka Gold Union and is also responsible for collaboratively assessing golf course rating throughout Sri Lanka in partnership with Indian counterparts ensuring fairness and consistency is applied uniformly.